Jonathan Quinonez uses “MOM I’M FINE” sign to keep his mother assured

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Jonathan Quinonez / Instagram

Jonathan Quinonez, a social media influencer uses MOM I’M FINE sign on all of his posts.

So let’s find out the real reason behind his story about “MOM I’M FINE”. Jonathan is a guy with two university degrees in International Business Management & Communication and used to work as a business consultant in Brussels.

Just like how most us sometimes feel as if life running on autopilot with no purpose,the same happened with him during one of his commutes. He couldn’t sleep that night and ended up watching inspiration videos including TED talks that ignited his inner passion.

It was Jonathan’s 27th birthday when he took the life changing decision to quit his job and sell his car and bought a one way ticket to travel the world. The very next day he landed in Cuba and took his first step into the new chapter of his life.

The idea behind why he always posts with the sign “MOM I’M FINE” is to reassure his mother that he is safe and unharmed during his various travels. His mother was always supportive of his decision and encouraged his passion for adventure but like all mothers she also worried for her son’s safety. Jonathan searched for a way to reassure her and finally found a simple solution that brought to life MOM I’M FINE.

In April 2016, he introduced MOM I’M FINE to the world and started an Instagram page. The page continued to grow more each day and currently it has more than 300K followers. The positive responses from people encouraged Jonathan Quinonez to develop MOM I’M FINE into a project, with the purpose to inspire individuals to live life more meaningfully.

He inspires people to follow their passion. He quotes “At the end of their lives, 91% of people have expressed one major regret. That they did not pursue their passion.”

His posts are really funny and inspiring about simple things that affects us and unites us. His short message to the world shows that you just need to follow your passion and the rest will follow.

So what are you doing then? Leave the boredom..follow your dreams..reach for the skies!!

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