About #DeleChallenge: What It Is And How To Do It

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After the #DoTheShiggy viral dance video, Dele Alli has taken the internet for a ride with the #DeleChallenge and we cannot get enough of it.

It all started with footballer Dele Alli’s signature move as he scored the winning goal for Tottenham against Newcastle (2-1) on the opening day of this football season. He celebrated the victory with his unique hand salute, which sparked curiosity among football fans, even celebrities, across the globe. At first, there was confusion, but once the code was cracked on how to do it, it went viral over the internet with over 61,000 Instagram posts and counting.

It looks like an easy hand trick, but it ain’t that easy!

Here are 3 steps to teach you how to get it right instantly –

  1. Make an ‘O’ shape with your thumb and index finger with the rest of your fingers pointing upwards.
  2. Next, bend your three fingers down so the ‘O’ sits above them. Got it?
  3. Now, flip your hand and place it against your eye and forehead. Your fingers should be extended and rotated outwards and you should be able to peer through the hole made by your index finger and thumb.

There, you’ve mastered it!

With all the buzz around the #DeleChallenge, Dele was kind enough to share a demonstration along with his Spurs teammate, Georges-Kevin N’Koudou on Snapchat.

There is now a Dele Challenge 2.0 with improvisation and more complications (like the first one wasn’t hard enough to do). According to sources, it was Thiago Barros, a YouTuber who started this second version of the #DeleChallenge. It is one hand, two eye-trick where people are twisting their fingers of one hand to outline their eyes.

Everyone is obsessed with this challenge and it has become more than just a trend.

If you have passed the test for the original #DeleChallenge, then you’re ready for the Dele Challenge 2.0. Here’s how you do it:


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