4 Immediate Things Men Notice About Women’s Hands On The First Meeting

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Women, if you’re wondering how your hands can do the talking about you to men you meet for the very first time, we have some news for you. You may not realize it, but men are very observant when it comes to women. And hands are one of the first things that they notice.

Your hands can give out pretty big chunks of information like your personality and character. Yes, really! It’s like they define you, in some aspects, about who you are and the kind of lifestyle you have.

Crazy, right?

Well, luckily for you ladies, we have the five main things that men notice when they meet you for the very first time (and men can confirm) and create that first impression of you in their minds.

So, go on and check them out.

Now you can ensure that your hands give out the best and precise information next time you’re on a date! And men, if you don’t notice these things on your first dates, then maybe from now on you will.

 Things Men Notice About Women’s Hands On The First Meeting
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  1. The jewelry

This is the first thing that a man notices on a woman’s hands. Well, first of all, men check to see if there is a wedding ring or not (That is a very important observation to make before anything else. Duh.).

The kind of jewelry a woman wears talks about the kind of person she is. If she wears a lot of jewelry which easily attractive, it means she is loud and glitzy. If the jewelry is simple and subtle then she could be a delicate person. The kind of jewelry a woman wears could also indicate her background to some extent.

  1. The strength

When a man meets a woman and takes her hand to greet her, he not only notices the softness of her palm, but also feels the strength of her grip. If the woman has a strong grip, it could mean she is strong and confident, an independent self-driven woman. If her hand is shaky and her grip is loose, she could come off as being insecure or not confident. But if her grip is too strong, that is a big turn off too, because it could mean the woman being too masculine.

The woman should have a good grip, not too strong and not too weak. It should not be weak, but strong enough to tell the man that she is a confident woman, and not too strong that it is painful for the man, like literally.

  1. The femininity

The femininity of a woman’s hands is overrated. It should not matter if the woman has feminine hands or man-like hands. Men do notice what the woman’s hands look like, but it should not matter so much if they look feminine or not. In fact, if they do not look feminine, it means that they have strong hardworking hands with shorter fingernails and thicker fingers which shout of stability and firmness.

  1. The fingernails

Another thing that men notice – the fingernails. A woman’s fingernails can be long, painted and manicured, or cut short without shape and bitten. Each suggests a story about the woman to the man.

If the woman’s nails are long, it could mean that she has doesn’t like doing chores or other sorts of manual labor, and maybe has weak hands.

If she has shorter nails but well maintained, it could suggest that she probably just likes shorter fingernails nails.

Bitten nails only come off as the woman being nervous and unsure about major decisions in life.

Manicured and painted fingernails bring the aspect of style and it could mean that the woman is very particular about her physical appearance and wants to make a good impression wherever she goes.

So women, now you know what you have to do to impress a man on the first date.

You’re welcome!



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