Things to avoid keeping inside your fridge

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7. Basil

avoid keeping inside fridge Basil

Basil needs warmth to thrive, keeping it in the cold confines of the fridge will make it lose its flavour. Just put it in water and make sure to change the water every other day. This will make the basil stay fresh longer and the flavour too will last longer.

8. Uncut Melons

avoid keeping inside fridge Uncut Melons

Every summer, the one thing everyone has to have in their fridge is melons-all kinds of melons. But did you know that whole, uncut melons should not be kept inside the fridge? Well, I most certainly did not know either. If you keep a whole melon inside your fridge, it loses some of the antioxidants and will lessen the health benefits that melons provide. After it’s cut, feel free to keep it inside.

9. Apples

avoid keeping inside fridge Apples

Now, you must be thinking apples too?  Yes, apples too because they will stay crisper and more flavourful if you keep it outside. just avoid keeping inside fridge.

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