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Nine Fascinating and Weird Facts About NASA


#6. NASA bought spacecraft parts on eBay 

That’s right. Even NASA uses eBay! In the early 2000s the electronic parts for many of NASA’s older spacecraft were so outdated that they were no longer being manufactured. However, since they were so essential to maintain the spacecraft in working condition, the staff of NASA resorted to eBay in order to find the exact replacement parts that they needed.

#7. The original moon landing tapes were deleted 

Now this is an “OMG!! How did this happen?” moment. In 2006, NASA admitted that they might have committed the biggest blunder. The original tapes of one of humanity’s greatest moments could not be traced. When they were finally found, they discovered that the tapes had been erased and reused to cut costs. Luckily for NASA, CBS still had a few good shots from the original news broadcast of the moon landing, so those moments were not entirely lost.

#8. Sex on the moon?? Not really but quite close 

Thad Roberts, a NASA intern was sentenced to 100 months in prison for trying to sell moon rocks online. Later, it was discovered that before he put them up for sale, he and his girlfriend had sex on those rocks. Ew!! Also during his time in prison, Roberts came up with one of the most brilliant Grand Unified Theories, the Quantum Space Theory, and wrote a book about it.

#9. NASA went underwater to design the best swimsuit 

NASA researchers are viewed as the best at making things aerodynamic to go through any medium. So it ought to shock no one that they collaborated with Speedo in 2004 to outline a super quick bathing suit that would decrease the drag on the swimmer’s body. In any case, they were so successful that the suit was banned with the goal that it wouldn’t give an unfair advantage to the wearer.



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