These mysterious underwater discoveries will leave you shocked

4. Remains of Apollo 11: We all know that Nasa mission to Moon was completed by Apollo 11. This first rocket has lot of admirers and Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon funded the exploration to find the Apollo 11 remains. After almost four decades of its launch, the engine of Saturn V rocket Apollo 11 was found at the ocean floor.

underwater discoveries Apollo 11 discovery by jeff bezos

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Photo/ Bezos Expeditions

5. Molinere Underwater Sculpture Park: Caribbean sea holds a sculpture park with 500 statues. It was created by created by British sculptor Jason deCaires Taylor. The park is famous among the  scuba divers, snorkelers. If you are interested then why not take a plunge to witness it.

mysterious underwater discoveries sculpture park

mysterious underwater discoveries Caribbean sculpture park

6. The Mariana Trench: The Mariana trench is huge v shape trench, around 1500 km wide and having depth of 11000 meters. It so big that even if a Mount Everest is dropped in this trench then it still its peak would be 1 km under the water. Read more about it here.

Mariana Trench

7. Spiders: Most of this us think that spider lives above the water. There is one species called Diving Bell Spiders or water spider is known to live almost entirely under water. I wonder what fishes would be thinking of this Spider or getting scared of it?

underwater spiders