5 Dazzling Celebrity Cribs

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View of Miley Cyrus's outdoor arrangement

Celebrities are also human beings and need a place they can call “home” where they can go and relax after a hard day’s work just like any one of us. However, there is a difference between their homes and our homes. The difference is that their homes are much bigger than our homes and also mind blowing for us ordinary mortals. While some of them like to live away from the city with lots of outdoor space, beach and pools, there are others who love the city life and would prefer to live in the heart of the city. All of them have the most amazing homes but to include all the beautiful homes in this post would be impossible so we’ve chosen only five of them. Let’s take a sneak peek into the dazzling cribs of some of these celebrities and hope that one day even we will have such homes.


5. Owen Wilson

Owen Wilson best known for his roles in Shanghai Noon, Zoolander, Marley and Me has his home in Malibu, a beach house to be precise. With two swimming pools and a tennis court, his guests would have no problems having a relaxing time at his crib.

Owen Wilson's Malibu Beach House
Owen Wilson’s Malibu Beach House

4. Hillary Swank

Hillary Swank’s get away place from Hollywood is to her Manhattan apartment. The apartment like the owner is modest and elegantly understated. We like it because of the lights and the sense of airiness which is emanating from the windows of the house and the simplicity of the decor.

Hillary Swank's apartment
Hillary Swank’s apartment
View from Hillary Swanks' apartment
View from Hillary Swanks’ apartment
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