13 things you should remove from your house as soon as possible

We all have habit to  keep things in our house till it become useless. But did you know that you should actually discard few things from you house after certain point rather than keeping it for long time.

Well we all like to keep our houses clean, germ free and try to maintain hygiene at all possible level.

Check these thing now and get rid of them Instantly as they are making your house toxic.

1. Tooth Brush:  Admit it, most of us uses the tooth brush till it can last. Change it in every three month and if you recently suffered from flu or something then, immediately.

tooth brush


2. Pillows: We change out bed sheet and pillow cover on regular basis but did you know that you should actually change the pillow in every three years. Long use of pillow will become home of dust, mites and bacteria.