Quick Fix Fashion Hacks

So you think you are having a fashion melt down because you just can’t seem to do things right? Well, we bring you some quick fix fashion hacks to make your life a lot easier especially if you’re in a hurry and need an ASAP Fashion fix.

#1 So you want to wear your new racerback top but your bra straps are showing? Well, no worries, use a paper clip to tuck those bra straps inside.

Claudia Meraz via Pinterest.com

Claudia Meraz via Pinterest.com

#2 If you need a hemming to be done urgently and you are not very handy with the needle and thread, this one’s for you. You can always use a glue gun for such times.

#3  You don’t feel like washing your jeans but it smells? Well, you can put in in the freezer overnight to remove any smells..but just don’t forget to empty the contents of your freezer before putting your jeans inside!!

#4  Talking of jeans, we all want them to last long right? So here’s a quick tip to make it last longer. Use half a cup of vinegar when washing your brand new jeans for the first time.


#5  You’re having a night out with your friends and suddenly you spill red wine on your favourite top and you have no idea how to remove the stains which will surely appear? Have no fear..the salt is there to rescue you. Just put salt wherever the wine has been spilled and it will soak up the stain.


#6  Splashes of oil on your clothes while cooking is also very common for those of you who don’t use aprons. When that happens to you, just use baby powder to remove the oil from the clothes.


# 7  Recently bought a pair of shoes but they’re a little tight? Try putting ice bags to stretch them.


# 8  Stockings are the easiest things to tear or rip apart. It happens to all women especially when putting on the stockings in a hurry. Keep a clear non-toxic nail polish bottle so that next time your stockings rips or tears, you can fix it with the nail polish hack.


Hope you enjoyed these hacks. Do try them out and let us know the results.

Featured image : vinepair.com


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