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No more risky police car chases

We have seen police car chases  many times on TV and there are some TV shows also which are specially made for these chases.

It’s sometime fun to watch all these chases but in the end, it can be quite dangerous chasing some notorious driver. We have seen sometimes how difficult it is to stop the driver and it requires lot of skill and perseverance to catch and stop them.

For the police, car chasing is part of their job but an invention by American company Stock Enterprises can make char chases to be stopped at a very early stage using Grappler Bumper.

The Grappler is installed in the front of the police car with a nylon tape between them. So when the police gets a sense that this is going to be a chase, it can quickly maneuver and get close to the suspect’s vehicle and the nylon tape with unfold and will grip around the tires of the suspect’s car. This technique can end the chase very quickly before any danger can occur.

Grappler Police Bumper
Grappler Police Bumper
Grappler Police Bumper
Grappler Police Bumper
police chase
Grappler Police Bumper


You can see in the video below how it works


Source: Grappler Police Bumper

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