NASA’s List of Best Plants at Cleaning Indoor Air

During the late ‘80s, NASA was searching for a way to detoxify the air in its space stations. So it directed a study to decide the best plants for filtering  the air of toxic agents and converting carbon dioxide to oxygen. In 1989, when the results were published in a clean air study, a definitive list of the plants that are most effective at cleaning indoor air was also provided. The report also suggested having at least one plant per every hundred square feet of home or office space. According to NASA, the following plants are the best air-filtering houseplants:

1. Dwarf Date Palm


Via: Flickr

2. Boston Fern

Via: Pinterest

Via: Pinterest

3. Kimberly Queen Fern

Via: plantant

Via: plantant

4. Spider Plant


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5. Chinese Evergreen

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Via: Pinterest

6. Bamboo Palm


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7. Weeping Fig


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8. Devil’s Ivy

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Via: Pinterest

9. Flamingo Lily

flamingo lily

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10. Lily Turf


11. Broadleaf Lady Palm


12. Barberton Daisy



13. Cornstalk Dracaena

14. English Ivy

15. Varigated Snake Plant

16. Red-edged Dracaena

17. Peace Lily

peace lily

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18. Florist’s Chrysanthemum

Florist's Chrysanthemum

Florist’s Chrysanthemum

The best part about it is that not only will you be breathing clean air, your house or office will also look super elegant with any of these plants. And lest we forget, they are also easily available at your local nursery.


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