14 Amazing Kitchen Hacks that you need to know

For some of us, the kitchen is our “zone” where we head at the end of a long day for some therapy by whipping out stuff. For others, it’s the “no-go” place in the house unless they are really desperate and have no option. Whether you are the one who loves fiddling around in the kitchen trying to make some wonderful things to eat or you are the one who enters the kitchen only in case of an emergency, here are some amazing kitchen hacks that you just have to try out.


1. Like ice cubes but don’t know how to make them look clear and not frosted? Easy, just boil the water before freezing!!

2.  Want to make potato wedges but can’t cut them all in the same size? Use an apple cutter to do it.

3. As much as possible, use stock to cook your food. It makes it tastier and more delicious.


4. If you like exotic fruits like avocado but can’t figure out whether it’s ripe or not from the outside, here’s the tip: Remove the stem of the avocado and look at the coloring of the inside. If it looks yellow or green, it’s ripe but if it’s brown, then it’s over ripe.

5. Here’s the correct time limit for boiling eggs.


6. Don’t know if the eggs you bought are fresh? Put the eggs in a a bowl of water; if the eggs stand up then they are old. This happens because the shells become porous over time, allowing for more air to pass through them which makes them more buoyant

7. By using a straw, you can remove a strawberry’s stem so easily.


8.  Here’s how you can peel a mango efficiently. By using the edge of the glass, you can separate the edible part of the mango from the exterior.

9. While cooking meat, using a small amount of baking soda is a trick to keep the meat tender.

10. Pieces of egg shell in the bowl after cracking the egg? No problem. Just wet your fingers with water and remove the shells.



11. Want bananas to last longer? Extend its shelf life by covering the stems with cling film. Who knew, right??


12. Did you know that rotten potatoes can kill you instantly? You can stop that from happening by putting an apple in a sack of potatoes.


13. Boiling pasta? Place a wooden spoon on top of the boiling pot to stop the starchy bubbles from spilling over.

14. Like coffee but not the bitter taste? The solution is sprinkle tiny amounts of salt or cinnamon into the coffee. The salt removes the bitterness and the cinnamon brings a whole new flavour into the coffee.



So happy cooking and happy hacking!!


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