Can you believe that vehicles can run on Air as alternative Fuel

The market of alternative fuel for vehicles is getting heated up and many companies are striving to innovate to bring new things in the market. The environment is the main concern for search other fuel as an alternative  source to run vehicles.

The technology to run vehicles to run on compressed air is becoming a reality, is is called Airpod.

Airpod is a prototype vehicle that uses compressed air to run instead of conventional fuel source. The Airpod is even more environment friendly than vehicles run on electric source. This technology was invented back in 2004 by Guy Nègre and  is an original design of the company MDI , based in Luxembourg.

The deal could not go through with any manufacturer but in 2007  Indian company Tata Motors became interested in the concept. The Indian company completed the first prototype in 2011 but still it is a long way to be a commercial success and become a business model.


So that the project gains more visibility, recently it received an investment of $ 5 million for a license in the United States. The people behind this model believes that it should be affordable so that more people can use it.

You can even make reservation for the Airpod through their website but the downside is that there is no deadline on when the product will delivered to the customer.

Sale Price as per the website are :
AIRPod Cargo $9,520
AIRPod Standard $10,880
AIRPod Baby $8,160

Recently, Airpod 2.0 was listed on webpage of MDI, which is similar to the earlier model but has a more consumer appealing design.

The Airpod operates on a air motor which can give a maximum speed of 70 km / hr and go till 220 kilometers in one recharge. The best part is that it can be recharged at the air station in less than 2 minutes.

You can see this video released by CNN to have a better understanding of the product.


Via: Goodshomedesign
Source: Wikipedia (Airpod) , MDI , Zeropollutionmotors


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